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"Charming...Children will be captivated!"
--The New York Times

"Bodine is a charmingly dynamic storyteller, who seamlessly tells the holiday classic, transitioning from actor to narrator and back...Bravo."
--Locust Valley Leader, NY

"A most welcome Christmas present...a sincere, moving performance that set the mood for the coming holidays."
--Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot, NY

"Compelling... [Bodine] switched roles so seamlessly that the audience soon forgot there was one man on stage...he captivated an audience that ran the gamut of ages -- children as young as eight were riveted."
--Oyster Bay Guardian, NY

"A Dickens of a good show!"
--Westfield Evening News, MA


"Bodine expertly brought these two haunting classics off the dusty pages of the textbook and to vivid, breathing life on the stage....I
was floored by how astoundingly great his performance was."
5 STARS: Best of The 2016 Capital Fringe!  --DC Metro Theater Arts

"Poe,Times Two sets a high bar for the remainder of Fringe 2016. Greg Oliver Bodine has taken two very difficult but very Fringe-y types of theater, the horror genre and the solo performance form, and hit them both out of the ballpark. If you like horror generally, or Poe specifically, put Poe, Times Two on your Fringe calendar."
RATING: 5/5 - Pick of the Capital Fringe!  --DC Theatre Scene
“Adapter / Performer, Greg Oliver Bodine, dramatically renders the stories of “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Black Cat” with intelligence, humor and a serious appreciation of Edgar Allan Poe’s understanding of our fears and madness.”
--Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio - WBBR 1130 AM

“Greg Oliver Bodine is an actor of extraordinary natural gifts which he has honed to the highest professional acuity. With his agile face he can evoke emotions from scorn and amusement, to horror and despair. He connects with us tangibly, and he completely ‘inhabits’ his characters’ fast-changing moods….these two performances are supreme exemplifications of acting at its highest reaches.…A scary, stunningly staged, high-fright homage to the creator of the horror story.”
--Ronald Gross, Editor-in-Chief, New York Theater Buying Guide



"[The Yellow Wallpaper] casts its lot with the power of live storytelling to enchant an audience through perseverance and sincerity, not tricks or guile. An audience member’s efforts to follow where the production is leading will be richly rewarded." 

--Sergei Burbank, NYTheatre Now


"[Dark Soundings] is something reminiscent of Masterpiece Theatre -- very turn of the century, very warm, but somehow unsettling, because in its richness hides something sinister...Bodine engaged the audience with his character's intensely nervous eyes and jilting movements, spooking a boy in the front row so badly that he nearly jumped out of his seat."
--Oyster Bay Guardian, NY


"There is perhaps no greater challenge than for a young actor to perform alone on stage for a full hour, recreating the life and character of a famous personality with all its strengths and weaknesses. Jason Vail succeeded in keeping his audience involved and engaged without a letdown, a credit to his versatility and acting skills!"
--Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot , NY



"A captivating performance! Greg Bodine transports the audience to another time and place in his newest one-act play, Frankenstein."
--Catherine Morris, President, Friends of the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library, North Salem, NY

"This new production is moodily atmospheric--an engrossing gothic tale of mystery and horror that captured and held our audience from start to finish!"
--Katherine Van Leeuwen, Assistant Director, The Brookfield Library, CT

"Greg Oliver Bodine's one-man adaptation of Frankenstein was evocative, compelling, and impressive!"
--Adrian Alexander, Manager of Information Services, Mount Laurel Library, NJ

"Greg Oliver Bodine's adaptation of Frankenstein enraptured our audience -- we'd welcome him back anytime. I highly recommend!"
--Katherine Mostacero, Head of Reference, Southbury Public Library, CT

"Fantastic! Every person in the audience asked "how did he do it?" And, they loved the show -- I'm still hearing rave reviews!"
--Phyllis Cox, PR/Program Coordinator, Jericho Public Library, Long Island

"Mr. Bodine perfectly personifies the complicated and nuanced characters of Shelley's work. It is almost unfathomable that one
person can bring a work like this to life, and yet he does it. Using his voice and subtle changes of aspect, Bodine manages to convey the futile rage of the "monster" one moment while the next he has us contemplating the moral corruption that Frankenstein acknowledges that lead to his creation."
--Kathy Kelly, Proprietor of Paranormal Books & Curiosities, Asbury Park, NJ

"Dark Soundings -- what a great night. Greg's performance of these two short stories was spell-binding. It's not often that you can watch one actor hold an audience so tightly in his grasp. The crowd's attention was riveted to the stage for the entire performance. BRAVO!"
- Mike Passaretti, Entertainment Chairman, Ketewomoke Yacht Club, NY

"Greg Bodine's performance of Dark Soundings was amazing! Not only were the stories nicely spooky, but the acting, sets and effects all contributed to an atmosphere perfect for Halloween! Greg has been here three years in a row, now, and he never lets us down!"
--Sherry Bailey, Adult Services Librarian, Derry Public Library, NH
"The patrons had a delightful treat watching spooky tales delivered by the very talented Greg Oliver Bodine.  Mr. Bodine narrated two scary, nautical stories that captured the attention of older children and their parents."
- Lillian Hecker, Reference Librarian, Town of Pelham Public Library, NY
"Dark Soundings evoked the setting and ambiance of two separate stories with intimate staging that brought you right into the tales -- I was mesmerized by Greg Bodine’s portrayal of the various characters!"
- Kathleen Seyfried, Trustee, Hillside Public Library, NY
"Greg Bodine’s performance of “The Upper Berth” is truly engaging and enchanting. Bodine embodies the various characters effortlessly and with conviction. “The Upper Berth” is an absorbing ghost story that should not be missed. This frightening tale had me looking over my shoulder (and above!) more than once."
- Ray Chao, LILAC Steamship Events Coordinator, Pier 40, NYC

"More then a century after it was written, The Yellow Wallpaper continues to enthrall its readers, and I was delighted to bring this dynamic stage production of the short story to campus. Annalisa Loeffler is absolutely compelling in this absorbing portrait that delves into the tormented mind of a woman who is trapped in a world she cannot escape.”
- Dr. N. J. Stanley, Coordinator, Women’s & Gender Studies Program, Lycoming College, PA
"The Yellow Wallpaper, as adapted by Greg Oliver Bodine and acted by Annalisa Loeffler, is a wonderful adaptation of the classic short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman  -- sensitively performed by Annalisa, whose descent into madness as Jane, is breathtakingly realized and morbidly fascinating!  Not a subject for the feint of heart, but one which portrays the general isolation and powerlessness that many women in the 19th century endured, some with disastrous results.  Go see it, and expect to be spellbound."
--Chris Lindquist, Director of Development, Westfield On Weekends, MA

"Greg Oliver Bodine uses his actor's tools for Poe, Times Two and creates specific and distinct worlds -- both physical and emotional...a part of what I'm trying to do as the Artistic Director of Cape May Stage is to celebrate the art of acting as well as the art of writing, and Greg really does both so well."
--Roy Steinberg, Artistic Director, Cape May Stage, NJ
"After appearing as Stephen Harrison in our wildly successful Main Stage production of Beneath the Hush, A Whisper, Greg has moved across the lobby and, apparently, straight into hell!  His performance(s) as a defiant Venetian nobleman and a condemned prisoner keeping congress with the ghosts who have gone before him is quite the tour de force!  Greg has beautifully adapted the source material from real-life literary lunatic Edgar Allan Poe's short stories "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Black Cat."  It’s a sumptuous evening…...Come on down and see Poe, Times Two! If you dare! (No, seriously... dare!)"
--Scott C. Sickles, Artistic Director, WorkShop Theater Company, NYC
Honest, Poignant, Powerful and Scary! Greg Oliver Bodine continues to amaze me, as he finds the human heart in all his characters. Poe, Times Two is exponentially wonderful!"
- Bob Plasse, President, Westfield On Weekends, MA
"It was fantastic!  [Greg's] seamless, one-man stage adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado and The Black Cat were spellbinding! The benefit to our students was two-fold; a compelling lesson in the literary classics, as well as exposure to riveting dramatic theatre. The audience was truly mesmerized!"
- Kim Mascolo, PTA Arts In Education Representative, West Islip NY
"If you loved Greg as Charles Dickens (and a throng of other characters) in his unforgettable performance of A Christmas Carol, you will be equally delighted with his performances of The Cask of Amontillado and The Black Cat.  It strikes me that Greg can portray comedy as well as tragedy, with equal aplomb. His Poe characters are desperate, chilling, mad and altogether real."
- Chris Lindquist, Director, Westfield Athenaeum, MA
"Greg's one-man performances of The Cask of Amontillado and The Black Cat were gripping and chilling; his characters -- madly nuanced and deliciously scary!"
--Deborah Robbins, Institute Coordinator, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Brookville, NY

"I can't overstate how enjoyable an evening Poe, Times Two was --   my customers are still raving about it and people are already lining up for the next time!   It was an evening of chills and thrills to be sure!"
--Kathy Kelly, Proprietor, Paranormal Books & Curiosities, NJ

"Greg Oliver Bodine breathed life into Poe's maniacal characters for our middle school. While remaining faithful to the text, Bodine managed to maintain an original perspective filled with creative interpretation -- no small feat to make 19th century literature come alive for 13 year-olds!"
--Glenn Seland, Teacher, Oldfield Middle School, Greenlawn, NY

"Poe Times Two by Greg Oliver Bodine was a perfect performance to have at the Butterfield Library. It appealed to a wide range of patrons -- we had couples out for a 'date night', Seniors, teens and young adults, and the performance delighted all of them. Greg showed genuine talent and professionalism and we can’t wait to have him back!"
--Maureen McGrath, Head of Programming & Outreach, Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library, NY

"What a powerful performance! Greg Oliver Bodine brought mystery,
murder, and mortar to these classic Poe tales. A truly captivating and scary evening of chills and thrills that literally had the audience
jumping in their seats."
--Caroline King, Library Assistant & Art Liaison, Oliver Wolcott Library, CT

"Mystery, murder, mortar...and much more. Greg's brilliant performance and adaptation of two Poe classics was spine chilling. Perfect for the Halloween season...or any season!"
- Nicole Waples-Stupienski, Programs Librarian, William E. Dermody Free Public Library, NJ

"The audience was spellbound -- Bodine's faithful adaptations of Poe's stories and his skillful characterizations kept the audience at the edge of their seats. Set, costumes, lighting, music and superb acting melded to create a mesmerizing performance that brought these two classic tales to life!"
--Jack Robillard, Asst. Director, Derry Public Library, NH

"Very well put together -- you won't be disappointed!"
--Doug Smith, Asst. Program Director, Entertaining Arts Committee (SAB), California University of Pennsylvania, PA

"[Greg's] performance was phenomenal -- I had one employee come to me and tell me that it was the best Christmas banquet she had been to in her ten years as an employee.  A Christmas Carol was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening!"
--Janet Click, HR Coordinator, Tyndale House Publishers, Carol Stream, IL

"Greg's attention to myriad details, the humor, and all apropriate sentiments were ever so capably expressed … I could not be more proud of the caliber of professionalism in first rate story telling his impersonation of Charles Dickens' rendering the beloved( for sooo many reasons) of A CHRISTMAS CAROL...I merely hope that we can persuade dear Mr. Bodine to make this a Holiday Perennial Offering for us Tiny Tims of all ages and genders to enjoy for years to come."
--Charles E. Gerber, Director of the Classical Theatre Wing, WorkShop Theater Company, NYC

"Greg Oliver Bodine's one-man telling of A Christmas Carol completely swept me away to Dickens' London. His mastery of character, storytelling and expression is a joy to watch again and again. Six times in my case!"
- Ed McNamee, Founding Producer, Manhattan Theatre Source

"A great Christmas show!  Greg Oliver Bodine was truly wonderful. He held the audience captive as he skillfully moved from one character to another in the telling of Charles Dickens' well loved Christmas story."
--Joyce Byers, Byers' Choice Ltd., Chalfont, PA

"A great tale and a fine actor, whose intelligent and witty performance enthralled everyone. What could have been better? Bodine and Dickens - a magical combination!  Bravo!"
--Bob Plasse, President, Westfield On Weekends, MA

"One feels as though one has been magically transported back to Victorian London and is seeing Mr. Dickens live and in person...all the characters we know and love come leaping off the page back to life...I was astounded by Greg's ability to capture the essence of each of these remarkable characters with such skill and precision...truly an amazing performance that I will not soon forget!" 

--Chris Lindquist, Director, Westfield Athenaeum, MA

"Mr. Bodine seamlessly transitioned from one character to the next in a most impressive rendition of A Christmas Carol. Students were engaged and thoroughly impressed with his ability to flawlessly remember the entire novella!"
--Nina Saveth, English Teacher, Uniondale High School, NY
"What a show! The production was of the highest quality, quite above most you see at libraries or even in local theatres. It was a true holiday treat."
--Tracey Simon, Program Coordinator, Lynbrook Public Library, NY
"Excellent!  All were truly enthralled.  I can't imagine any program Greg Bodine puts together that we would not want to have."
--Diane Rhodes, Director, Maywood Public Library, NJ

"Everyone knows the story, but what Greg does to make it fresh is to rediscover its simple humanity. He moves from one character voice to another effortlessly, with a command of accent and cadence that is remarkable."
--Mac Rogers, Playwright, NYC

"As we looked for a production, it became clear that we didn't want to offer our patrons another tired telling of the classic story, but something new and fresh.  Enter [Greg's] fantastic one-man show!"
--Leslie Millrod, Program Coordinator, Westhampton Free Library, NY

"[Greg's] ability to morph from one character to another, without losing a beat, was fascinating."
--Suzanne Molczan, Program Coordinator, Hillside Public Library, New Hyde Park, NY

"I am very familiar with the story, having seen it many times before, but [Greg's] interpretation was extraordinary."
--Beth Saltalamacchio, Adult Programming, Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library, NY

"A wonderful performance -- very well done!"
--Denise Butwill, Asst. Librarian, Oliver Wolcott Library, CT

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